Our Partner Company, EcoArki has been shortlisted for the International Green Awards thanks to its Director Rodolfo Beltran Bravo and his hard work during his tenure as Executive Director of AGRORURAL and the “230 Million Tree Campaign.” (Yes they really managed to plant that many trees!)





INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS™ 2011 SHORTLISTS http://www.greenawards.com/winners

Best Green Collaborative Initiative Award
Brakes Group – “Brakes Group and the FairShare partnership” ( UK )
Coca Cola South Pacific Pty Ltd. – “Project Catalyst” ( Australia )
EcoArki SRC – “AGRORURAL “The 230 Million Tree Campaign” ( Peru )
The Forest Trust – “Nestle TFT Partnership” ( UK )
TTXGP Limited – “TTXGP World Championship” ( UK )


Established in 2006 the INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS™ is a Royal Society of Arts accredited environmental awards programme which sets out to recognise innovation, creativity and effectiveness in sustainability and is firmly established on the global business calendar.

By showcasing “best in class” examples of effective, innovative and creative approaches to sustainability, the INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS™ aims to be an agent of change. To this end, the Awards team searches the globe every year to find true influencers, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators, identifying worldwide sustainability success stories that inspire and motivate others. It is no exercise in fluffy back-patting.

The Awards are part of the Royal Society of Arts Environment Award Accreditation scheme and all submitted entries require evidence of efficacy and transparency. Previous winners have included Nokia, Marks & Spencer, Toyota and the China Environmental Protection Foundation.

The INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS™ go beyond words – celebrating the real activity that is going on in the community to produce inspiring individual and collective actions that are making a tangible contribution to greening the world in which we live. I am delighted to support them.  –  Jon Snow, Newscaster, Channel 4 News UK

In 2010, the INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS™ went completely global and were opened for worldwide participation in every category. This was a major step forward for the Awards, in the fifth year of its production. Last year, the Awards featured a total of 16 categories, including three new ones: Best Green Use of Mobile Apps & Technology, Best Green Product Innovation and Best Green Educational Project. The coveted INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS™ Grand Prix was won by the ‘China Environmental Protection Foundation’, for an innovative outdoor campaign created by DDB China to promote a reduction in vehicle use.

Now in 2011, the INTERNATIONAL GREEN AWARDS™ has expanded again and reorganised its categories by looking to support sustainable achievement right across Business, Government & Citizen initiatives that influence change to encompass 360° sustainability projects as well as encompassing it’s heritage to identify best practice with sustainability communications.


Biodiversity is the core of the sustenance of life; which currently hangs in delicate balance.The International Green Awards are a genuine effort to promote positive attitudes towards biodiversity and sustainability. – Sir David Attenborough

*2010 marked the inaugural year of this Award which honoured Sir David Attenborough; respected the world over for his commitment to biodiversity and Britain’s best loved naturalist.