Masterplan for Leisure Park,

East Coast, Scotland
The masterplan involved assessing the best approach to redevelop and update this well known leisure park in the East Coast and turn it into a modern and year-round recreational family leisure park. Together with the client, Fife Architects carried out a master plan, feasibility study and some initial designs to key buildings aimed at creating a comprehensive 5 year plan of re-development for the site to maximise space, and revenue streams. The main goal was to add various new modern amenities to compliment the traditional paddling pool and race-track, both long established attractions of the park and maximise the potential of the site. Our detailed proposals included: key infrastructure improvements, attractive designs for quality year round entertainment and dining venues, enhancing the park’s brand identity and complimenting the coastal esplanade while referencing the site’s history and heritage. Also included in the proposals were designs for a new ice cream parlour, pavillion and changing huts for the paddling pool.


East Coast, Scotland




Value of works circa £1.2m