Feasibility Studies

We believe that the best way to begin most building projects is by starting with a Feasibility Study where the main goal is to establish
the best design solutions for the project so that you, the Client, feel totally confident that your requirements are understood and being met by the design.
Some projects are more straightforward, however in many cases, the best design solution for a project does not materialise in a few minutes – it takes a little time to examine various options and ensure that the proposals made are feasible.


Our Feasibility Study Service includes the following:


OUTLINE BRIEF » talking to you in detail about your project requirements
SITE ANALYSIS » examining the site considering orientation, landscape and any site specific factors
DESIGN OPTIONS » exploring  design options (usually three options) in sketch format  in terms of layout, site location and form



Each project is different however, we generally apply the following design considerations when reviewing each option within the study:
  • access
  • daylight
  • sustainability and green design options
  • area (sqm)
  • usage
  • estimated construction cost
  • estimated construction time
  • services (water/drainage/electricity)
  • complexity of build
  • statutory consents (implications)
Once all of the above has been carried out, we then provide you with all the information in booklet form for you to ponder over.  It is then up to you how you want us to progress with your project!