We are very pleased to announce that our School House Renovation project has been selected as one of the 100 Best Residential Architecture Projects in Scotland of the past 20 years.

The project was selected by the RIAS and featured in their book “2020 Visions: Home: Housing Scotland 2000-2020” which forms part of the Festival of Architecture 2017.

This book features homes and housing developments built since the year 2000 alongside a small selection of works in progress which will be completed by 2020. From throughout Scotland these projects represent the very best domestic architecture from an era when Scottish architects have excelled at all scales, from modest extensions to large urban masterplans.

The one hundred projects featured in the book represent diverse responses to one of architecture’s greatest challenges, our homes. These are approaches to housing and individual homes form a confident generation of architects. From crisp modernity to the contemporary reinvention of vernacular forms, modest island dwellings to reinterpretations of the Scottish tenement, the breadth of approach is as impressive as the quality is consistent.

As the RIAS’ president, Stewart Henderson, comments in this introduction,
“The one hundred houses and housing developments which make up this volume are as good a demonstration as any of the contribution architecture can make to improving people’s lives. All of these buildings, whether already built or about to be, are among the best in Scotland from the first twenty years of this century.”